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Did you know, …

Did you know, …


that our CNC machining center is able to process profiles up to a length of 12,5 meters?


Currently, we are processing extrusions with a length of 10 meters and a weight of 120 kg at our CNC machining center. After that, the components are coated and finally implemented in railed vehicles.


We are capable of machining extrusions, chip-removing and in 5-axis, with a length of up to 12,5 meters with a weight up to 500 kg. They are cut with a 500mm saw blade at the CNC machining center. The saw blade can be moved in all axes and performs in various saw cuts. All parts are programmed with the help of a 3D Modell and CAM-Software.


In order to adhere to the tolerances, the parts are automatically surveyed by a wireless measuring sensor. The measured data are recorded in the CNC program. By this, we are able to process complex tasks without dummy parts and scrap. The parts are clamped with 20 CNC-controlled tension elements which can be individually moved during treatment. Thanks to this, we are able to process the parts without rearranging even within the contact elements zones.


The CNC center has got 2 working stations and 2 processing heads which can be operated in combination or individual use. This means, we can choose between shuttle service and individual operation mode depending on the part.



Did you know, …
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