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that we use a 3D coordinate measuring machine for surveying our components?

Not only high accuracy is important, but also monitoring with maximum possible precision.

By means of our modern measuring machine, we are able to measure profiles, as well as processed components with high precision. Thanks to constant conditions, like a climatic room, that keeps a constant temperature of 20°C, we can determine accurate data. Measurement uncertainty can be eliminated due to latest technology.




The measuring machine enables us the manufacturing of complex components which normally cannot be checked with common instruments. Due to this technology our product range is expanding constantly. We are able to produce demanding products as for the medical technology or the automobile industry.

An advantage of the measuring machine is that we can work simultaneously while the measurements happen in the auxiliary process time. The time for measuring and setting-up can be reduced, so that the productivity is rising.

After measuring process all data are archived and can be used for evaluations.

We are continuously developing our competences!

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Did you know, ...
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