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New Slug Production will be taken soon

The construction of our new slug production is about to be finished. With this investment of more than 12 Million €, AWW will have one of the most modern production facilities for technical and packaging slugs. 5 Million € have been invested for new punching presses, a continuous annealing furnace and a washing machine. The modern punching lines have a punching force of up to 250t. Furthermore, the general capacity has been raised considerably by the new annealing furnace.

The production machines are placed in a bright hall and they are all on the latest state of the art. The placement of the machines optimizes the material flow and enables shorter processing times. We have planned more process optimizations to constantly improve our efficiency.

Most importantly, due to our competent staff, a highly flexible logistics concept and a detailed planning, we have been able to supply our customers on time as usual in spite of all the construction works done within running production.

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New Slug Production will be taken soon
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