Extrusion moulding of aluminum profiles

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With an annual capacity of 50,000 tons, we manufacture a wide range of varied, complex aluminium profiles on our four efficient extrusion lines. We are able to manufacture diverse geometries with a maximum profile width of up to 460 millimetres and a maximum profile weight of 35 kilograms per metre. Each profile is created according to your individual requirements, regardless of the degree of complexity and the amount of added value. The same applies when it comes to selecting the optimal alloy. We will be happy to support you in the development of individual alloys for your projects. When compared to other metals, aluminium offers outstanding formability and machinability characteristics, as well as almost limitless manufacturing possibilities.

It is also light, can withstand heavy constant loads and is strong, durable and electrically conductive. As a result, both functional and optical details can be perfectly implemented in the extrusion process with appropriate technologies and tool technology.

Our manufacturing options for extruded profiles

Four extrusion moulding lines:

An 8” press, a 9” press and two 12” presses.

Profile weight:

Up to 35 kilograms per metre

Profile dimensions:

460 x 50 mm (flat), 240 mm (round tubes), 128 mm (round rods)


Air injection, spray, splash and pulse water cooling

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