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Production of aluminum products for applications in construction & architecture, industry, automotive and mobility & transportation

Thanks to its outstanding material properties, aluminium has endless possible applications. It is suitable for use in a wide range of challenging, industry-specific applications. Products made from aluminium are incredibly popular due to their lightweight, strength and good formability.

We manufacture aluminium products for a variety of different needs and supply a vast number of customers and industries. Our extruded profiles are high-quality and versatile. You can find a selection of the aluminium products that we produce for different industries here:

Construction/building and architecture

Manufacturing profiles for the construction industry has been part of our core business for many years. Thanks to our extensive range of extrusion lines, we can manufacture your profiles in almost all dimensions, both for individual projects and series production. As a full-service provider, we win over our customers with a complete package that includes technical advice, profile manufacturing, mechanical processing and surface finishing – all in outstanding quality and with an individual contact person.


Aluminium is very popular in many areas of the industrial sector, thanks to the combination of functional and optical properties that it offers. You can find AWW products in different assemblies of machines, as well as in electrical engineering and sensor technology, or in various components used in the medical sector. We work together with you to develop ready-to-install products and components.


We manufacture components for you and are your point of contact for the implementation of innovative products in the automotive industry. To do this we rely on modern technologies and fully automated processes.We supply both OEM and Tier-1 and Tier-2 customers in the automotive value chain. Our project team provides professional support for the entire service life of the product, right through to the production of the spare parts.

Mobility & transport

Aluminium is the ideal material for the construction of all types of vehicle. It is corrosion-resistant and light. The lower the weight of the vehicle, the higher the payload and range. At the same time, a lower vehicle weight reduces CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, therefore increasing the cost efficiency of the vehicle. In this segment, AWW supplies products for the manufacturing of electric vehicles, rail vehicles, buses, trailers and marine vehicles. We would be happy to support you by developing suitable concepts.


Today packaging is particularly important for consumer goods. Aluminium packaging protects particularly sensitive contents far better than any other material. Aluminium discs (slugs) produced by AWW are used by customers in downstream impact extrusion processes to manufacture tubes, sleeves or aerosol dispensers which can be recycled after use.

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