Corporate Mission Statement

AWW – Your partner around aluminium

For us, ensuring that our employees have high ethical standards is essential for our commercial success. Trusting and transparent collaborations with our customers, suppliers, business partners and employees is what forms the basis of our work. We encourage a working environment where the workforce values and accepts each other. Management staff and employees should be able to act appropriately and autonomously. We do our business in the same way.

Our corporate communication is open and transparent. This enables simple, flexible organisation. We define risks and opportunities for ourselves in order to have positive effects on our company and avoid negative ones. We are an innovative company, we work continuously to improve the products and services we offer and we pursue a zero-defect strategy.

We maintain an open dialogue with our customers and suppliers. We treat our competition fairly, cooperate transparently with authorities and manage our plant in an environmentally and resource-friendly way. We understand what certain interest groups expect from us.

As such, we commit to adhering to regulatory requirements, we offer high-quality services and products, reliability, loyalty and discretion, prices that are in line with the market and we are friendly and accessible. We run an economical business, practice efficient processes and offer attractive jobs.

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