Aluminum slug manufacturing

Stamped and sawn aluminum slugs for cold forming by impact extrusion. For the Manufacturing of cooling elements, housings, hose clamps, steering cables, brake pistons or clutch housings.

AWW is the market leader in Europe for the production of punched and sawn slugs (aluminium discs) with individual geometries and sizes, which can be used for cold forming in impact extrusion processes or for machining. With AWW you get the widest range of products in the industry. You can also choose from many alloys and surface finishes. With the option of additional downstream processing and finishing processes, we can offer our customers a great deal of added value. Our slugs stand out thanks to their outstanding structural properties, such as their fine-grained structure and homogeneity.

They are used in the packaging industry, as well as in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry for aerosol cans, tubes and bottles. They are also a versatile, technical and durable part that can be used in machine construction, in the automotive industry and in electrical engineering applications. We use up to 50 % recycled aluminium in the manufacturing process. We also use 100 % end-of-life recyclate (post-consumer recyclate) when available.

Slug dimensions – We create versatility

We offer almost all dimensions, provided that they are technically feasible, but can also manufacture individual shapes. Contact us if you would like to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you!

Possible applications for slugs

The wide spectrum of mechanical properties and our range of alloys make our slugs suitable for use in technical impact extrusion parts in the automotive industry, in electrical engineering applications and in machine construction. Aluminium is significantly lighter than other materials, it stands for high strength and corrosion-resistance and thus offers potential for cost savings. In comparison to other materials, aluminium is incredibly environmentally friendly thanks to its good recyclability.

Aluminium also offers many advantages for electrical engineering applications: It can dissipate heat as a cooling fin element, be used as a housing with low weight and – with the right surface finish – can even be used as isolator. As such, aluminium can be found in many electrical and electronic products. It is also often used as an electrical conductor and a constructive element.

Forging stock

Over one hundred years’ experience with aluminium guarantees extremely high quality forging stock. We supply you with the basis for all products that you want to produce in hot forging processes. You can receive our forging stock in different alloys as pressed round bars or sawn sections, in diameters of up to 128 mm. Our starting material has been highly valued in the industrial sector for many decades. AWW supplies many forging plants in various different branches, including automotive, two-wheel technology, machine construction, electrical engineering, connection technology, traffic systems and medical technology.

For example, slugs and forging stock from AWW is used in the following applications:

  • Cooling elements
  • Housings for lamps and capacitors
  • Hose clamps
  • Steering forks
  • Brake pistons
  • Coupling housing

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