Production of industrial aluminum profiles

Production of aluminum components for medical technology, electrical engineering and mechanical and apparatus engineering

Aluminium products are particularly suitable for applications in many areas of the industrial sector because of their stability, outstanding mechanical properties and recyclability. Choosing the right material is vital, particularly in sensitive areas such as with medical technology. The material must be wear resistant, light and easy to clean.

We supply products that have to be able to withstand extreme conditions and continuous loads to equipment and machine construction manufacturers. Our aluminium products are also used in a variety of electrical engineering applications, particularly in the area of thermal conduction and power transmission. We extrude and process, anodise and pack all profiles according to your individual requirements.

Examples of possible applications in the area of medical technology

  • Instrument trays
  • Lights
  • Monitor supports
  • Movable walls
  • Ceiling systems for operating theatres
  • Laboratory equipment and systems

Examples for uses of extruded profiles and components in different industrial sectors include

  • System, linear or workstation systems
  • Protection systems
  • Conveyor technology / Intra-logistics systems
  • Cleanroom systems
  • Electricity distribution
  • Chilled ceiling system
  • Safety systems
  • Supply systems
  • Elements for renewable energy plant construction, such as wind turbines or solar constructions

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