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We are reliant on natural resources for our company activities and manufacturing processes, but we are able to keep the amounts we use low because our feed material, aluminium, can be recycled many times while still maintaining the same high quality. We also replace hazardous substances wherever possible. We reduce or completely avoid waste and emissions. We analyse and optimise our material cycles and energy flows and monitor our differentiated recycling and waste management. We continuously and consistently implement the optimisation potential that we derive from this through action plans. Our products are manufactured at our site in Germany in a traceable and certified manner with highly efficient technologies and the smallest possible use of resources. Instead of “Green Washing” or virtual savings on paper, we focus on real sustainability. See for yourself in a visit to our site or find out more in a personal discussion with a member of our team.

Our resource-friendly, lightweight construction solutions enable our customers to keep their material cycles stable and flowing. We also believe in practising closeness and stability in our business relationships. Our production site in Wutöschingen lies in the heart of Europe, close to the borders of France, Austria and Switzerland.
This central position in the economic region of Germany and Europe makes it possible for us to organise extremely reliable supply chains and short transport routes as part of individual logistics concepts. And above all, it means that we can provide optimal, personal customer service. These advantages, and our high quality, pay off for our customers not only in times like these, as the large number of our long-term customer relationships has proven. Benefit from these advantages and let us become part of your success story.

One of the most undervalued and scarce resources is time. In this respect, we also count the efficient use of time as part of the sustainable actions we take in our companies. This way we can guarantee our customers the fastest possible processing of their projects without ceremony and with the skills of our experienced teams and the efficient processes that have developed over the years. You can trust the typical, medium-sized structure of our family company.

Our most important resource is our employees. We cultivate a corporate culture of teamwork and mutual support, which many of our employees reward with long-term loyalty to the company. For many years, we have been training the majority of our workforce in our own training centre, generation after generation. This way, we can ensure the transfer of knowledge and our own staffing requirements in line with our sustainable business practices. If you are interested in joining us, look at our current training opportunities and open positions here (link to Team).

We need motivated and qualified employees to secure the future of our company. As such, at AWW we offer a positive working environment with many further training opportunities, diversity, equal opportunities and various different working time models. Occupational safety, health protection and prevention are all subjects that are firmly anchored in our company guidelines.

In addition, we encourage our employees and management to commit to acting sustainably. Through training, transparency and being an active example, we raise awareness of environmental and energy-related issues throughout the company. Furthermore, we are ISO 14001 and ISO 50001-certified.

We also strive to be socially responsible. AWW supports local not-for-profit projects and activities which are specifically tailored to the needs of our region.

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