Environmental management & quality assurance

Highest quality standards with minimum consumption of resources

As a fifth generation family company, we stand for a company philosophy that is characterised by reliability and continuity.

Our high quality standards when it comes to the development and production of innovative lightweight construction solutions with minimal use of resources has proven the sustainability of our business model for over 100 years. Of course, this also includes our ecological and social responsibility. We treat our environment and our customers, business partners and employees with mutual respect, appreciation and trust. We do not see sustainable, value-based management as an empty phrase, but as a guiding principle for our actions.

Sustainability and values

Our home, the High Rhine region, is predestined for the generation of green energy from water and wind power. This is precisely why we value regional connections. Working responsibly with people in our area and our surrounding natural environment is an essential part of our company strategy. We make an active contribution to climate protection by continuously optimising our processes and taking responsibility for the safety and health of the employees in our company and supply chain.


From a pioneer to a market leader: We owe this to our expertise, our skilled employees and our high quality requirements. Our customers’ satisfaction always comes first. Our customers place their trust in us because we are reliable. Our processes are designed for long-term cooperation. We see our customers as our partners and enjoy maintaining good relationships with them.

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